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“Once A Wing Walker, Always A Wing Walker”

Mission Statement

The Wing Walkers (virtual) Combat Squadron is made of people from all walks of life, with various levels of computer knowledge and wide ranging personal skills.How this many people have managed to maintain a club that rarely meets in person for so many years (we were founded in 1992) is a testament to, among other things, our membership selection process.Our goal is to find people with a similar love of simulated historic aerial combat; a desire to part of a mature (age not with-standing) group that is more like family than “clan-mates”; and those looking to have fun within our chosen hobby.

Server Rules

1. Insulting players
2. Attack friendly aircraft, vehicles, buildings and etc.

Squad Officers

CO: WWGeezer
XO: WWCraven
TO: WWIcythedead
Recruiting Officer: WWPierre
Designers missions: WWGeezer, WWSittingduck
Squadron Skins: WWDubya, WWCraven, WWGrayWolfe
WebSite Administrator: WWSandman


Teamspeak Password: Please contact server_ops for password information.

E-mail the Server Team: